It all started with a love for attending music festivals, but it quickly turned into a passion for providing a solution to a growing problem. Many music festivals, and Burning Man, take place in very hot environments with very little shade. The last few years, with temperatures skyrocketing, my wife became dangerously sick from heat exhaustion and prolonged exposure to the sun. We knew we had to create our own solution, and that's how our company was born.

Our eco-friendly cooling technology offers a reliable, effective, and low-cost solution to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis while providing relief to people in hot environments, ultimately paving the way to a cooler and more sustainable future for all.

Our solution relies on solar (far-infrared) reflectance to passively cool structures up to 5 deg centigrade. We have designed a powder mixture of readily available materials that, when added coatings (paint PET, etc), can cool multiple items such as metals, paint, and canvas, and when we add our powder to the existing material, it has the ability to cool the ambient environment. This can also be used in emergency housing in disaster-hit areas or as a wrap on agricultural buildings to lower the temperature and keep produce fresh for a longer period of time.

As a small startup located in Washington State, we are proud to offer a global solution to a huge problem. Our solution is environmentally minded, since it reduces reliance on electricity and fossil fuels, and contributes to mitigating the climate crisis. We aim to provide a reliable, effective, and low-cost solution to the growing demand for environmentally responsible alternatives. With our sustainable and eco-friendly cooling technology, we are devising ways to cool our homes and workspaces - and ultimately, the whole planet.