AGT is a specialty coating corporation, established in 2022. We have developed a patent-pending coating solution, selling to consumers, commercial, industrial, government, and military sectors. Our coatings passively cool spaces by up to 42F from direct sunlight, by reflecting heat-generating sunlight rays back into space.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, approximately 6% of the average US household’s energy use goes toward space cooling. This is due to cooling technologies that rely on electricity generated via processes with high carbon emissions. At a time when many are interested in working to address climate crisis affecting our planet, it is vital to look into ways to reduce our carbon footprint in everyday life.


Supply radiative cooling formulations as a passive means to cool spaces, by reflecting solar irradiation and emitting thermal radiation via atmospheric transparent window into deep space, therefore not relying on electricity. Our coatings can cool spaces passively by up to 42F, lowering energy expenses, and contributing to environmental sustainability.
By investing in our sustainable, eco-friendly solution, you can help drive the transformation towards a more climate-resilient world while also benefiting from the growing demand for innovative and environmentally responsible technologies.

Keys to Success

AGT has created a 'green' proprietary formulation comprised of natural occurring minerals (trademark pending). This formulation has been shown, under lab and real-world testing, to cool surfaces it's applied to, by up to 40 degrees F. AGT will sell our formulation as paint additive, fabrics, and roof coatings. Each 1,000sf of roof covering can replace up to 10 kW of air conditioning load, reducing power strain on antiquated power systems, and reducing costs in maintenance and up-keep as well.